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National Lottery Donates £300 Million

The National Lottery will donate £300 million for the protection and support of vulnerable people across the United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus).

All the funds will be distributed over the next couple of months with the aim of supporting people in the country throughout the coronavirus-crisis. The money is going to be distributed to different charities and local voluntary organisations, to help support people through the crisis. From supporting food banks, to individuals and companies that fight loneliness and isolation, helping the elderly and projects that support health.

According to Camelot, the company that owns The National Lottery, the donation is the biggest non-governmental contribution to the efforts in local communities.

Neil Railton, CEO of Camelot, said: “Week in week out, National Lottery players make a huge difference to the lives of people and communities across the United Kingdom. Just by buying a ticket, players in every nation have helped raise over £40bn for good cause projects, from supporting our athletes to repairing scout huts.

“Now, more than ever, The National Lottery can play a critical role in supporting our communities as we all face this challenge together. Up to £300m raised by National Lottery players will be helping to fund vital work in local communities at a time when it’s needed the most.”

The National Lottery UK

The National Lottery in the UK was launched on 14 November 1994 and the first draw took place on 19 November that year. Since then, the National Lottery has become an institution within the country, raising over £40 billion for good causes and paying out over £59 billion in prizes, a massive amount.

You can buy tickets online, or at different retailers in the UK. The games consist of draw-based games such as Lotto, scratch-cards with prices ranging between £1 to £5, and online instant win games. The precise breakdown of where the money goes depends on the actual level of sales.