Sports Betting

Sports are thrilling. A list minute goal in a football match, for instance, will surely ramp up your excitement levels. Of course, your adrenaline level goes through the roof if you also happen to have a few quid on the match when the ball hits the back of the net. Nothing can match sports betting for sheer excitement. If you haven’t placed a sporting bet yet, you may not quite understand what all the fuss is about. What can the sports betting world offer you? If you’re interested in betting on sports, here’s how you can go about it.

Where to bet on sports

First and foremost, you’re going to want to find a place to play. One option is to pop down to your local high-street bookie and place a bet on any sporting event they are offering from there. That’s one option, but it isn’t necessarily the best one. When you decide to play online, you have a much wider variety of sports bets open to you, and you can do your research at the same time. Furthermore, you can bet on sports from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to move a muscle. The most popular in the UK is Football betting and Horse Racing.

The UK is home to a host of leading sportsbooks, so if you’re after somewhere to place your favourite sporting bets, you won’t be short of options.

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Choosing a sports betting market

As mentioned, online sportsbooks cover a vast array of sports. In fact, some of the larger ones cover most sports. The list of sporting events you can bet on is nearly endless. Everything from basketball to baseball, motor racing to tennis, rugby to football. And even political events and reality television shows can be wagered on at online sports betting sites.

It isn’t just the array of sports you can choose from which are vast, either. The sheer number of individual events and types of bets you can make per event mean that there are literally tens of thousands of possible bets you can make at your average online bookie.

How to bet on sports

After you’ve found a place to play, the next thing you need to do is open an account and transfer some money to it. Once this is done, you can start perusing the range of sports bets. You will find a ticket in the lobby (homepage) which shows you any bets you have clicked on. Then, just enter how much you wish to bet (the ticket will also likely show you your potential winnings) and confirm. You can check your tickets at any time via the “history” or “open bet” sections of your sportsbook account.

Live in-play betting

There are other ways to bet at sportsbooks, too. For instance, live in-play betting is the latest craze. Live in-play bets allow you to place bets on sporting events which have already begun. One essential perk of this is that some sports betting sites also permit you to withdraw your winnings earlier. You won’t get the full-rate, but if it looks as though your time is about to concede a goal and thus you may lose your bet, cashing out early can come in handy. Not all sports betting sites offer early cash-out options, though most offer live betting.

Live Streaming

With sports viewership at an all-time high on the internet, it is not surprising that many sports betting sites have also acquired the rights to show live sporting events. Members who have placed a live bet on a match may be able to watch live coverage of the game from the sportsbook. Indeed, this option is often open to any player who has a funded account. Again, like live in-play bets, not all online bookies offer live coverage of sporting events.

Mobile Betting

If you are away from your home, but nowhere near a high-street bookmaker, you’re not out of luck, either. Most major online sportsbooks now offer you the chance to make bets on your favourite sporting events via your phone. Some even run dedicated mobile apps which you can download to place bets on the go. Keeping tabs on a live-bet from inside the stadium or the pub via your phone really must be the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder when it comes to sports betting.

The best sportsbooks online UK

Of course, not all sports betting sites are to be trusted. There are many leading online bookies out there, but a few bad eggs as well. It is essential that any potential sports bettor knows what to look out for.

Generally speaking, the best online sportsbooks will be fully licensed. This means that in the UK, they will carry a UK Gambling Commission license. And possibly even Maltese, Gibraltar or Curacao licenses to boot. They will also be able to offer mobile betting, and perhaps even live in-play bets, early cash-out options and live streaming.

The best sportsbooks will also offer you a range of payment methods to choose from, offer you various currencies, languages and customer support options. They won’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals and aim to make financial transactions as timely and smoothly as possible.

Of course, these leading bookies also need to be able to offer you not just a top range of sports to bet on. And a good selection of betting types, too. They may also offer you accumulators, or other promotions and bonuses. A welcome bonus which promises a spot of free cash when you deposit, or loyalty rewards when you frequently wager on sports are also advantages.

Most of the major UK sportsbooks will also provide their users with access to other types of gambling games. It is not uncommon for sports betting sites to dish out access to casino games like slots, online poker, bingo or even lottery games in their domain. Those that do will offer you all of this with just a single account.

Get started today

Now that you know a few of the ins and outs of sports betting, you should feel confident enough to give it a go. By using the hints mentioned above, you can get yourself set up at a leading online bookie. There is excitement aplenty to be had when you bet online on sports today.

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