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Keno might not be the first game which springs to mind when players are thinking of something to play. However, there is often plenty of excitement around this game to make players consider giving it a go. If you haven’t tried keno games yet, you probably have no idea what you’re missing.

Fortunately, our guide to keno is just the ticket for you. In this piece, we will look at keno, where it comes from, how it is played, and how to win. Let us begin, then, with a look at the past. What is keno, and where did it come from? There are a couple keno games available at 21-casino or royal panda casino.

A Bit of Background

Most people will agree that keno originated in Asia. There is a reason to believe that the game first appeared in China, at some time around 200 BC. The game was used as a way of raising funds for warfare by Emperor Cheung Leung. That part of the history of the game is contentious at best. However, the more recent history of the game is a lot clearer.

We know that keno first appeared as a legalised gambling game in the United States. By 1931, people were playing it for real money, and that has been the case since. Bingo is often considered to be the primary challenge to keno. Both are lottery-style games, and both involve checking off numbers which are drawn from a pot. However, the way that keno works is considerably different than bingo. Let’s find out how that is the case.

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How to Play Keno Online?

Bingo requires players to cross off numbers on their card to form patterns or lines. Those patterns or lines justify a win. Lottery games need players to match as many numbers as possible on their ticket with those drawn from a pot. Keno is something in-between the two games. For bingo games we recommend sites like Heart-Bingo or Mecca-Bingo.

With keno, players can win by matching just a single number, or they can win by matching all of them. They can choose how many numbers they wish to play with, too. The amount that is available to be won depends on how many numbers are selected by the player. It also depends on the number of matches they correctly have. So, how do you play?

  • The Keno Card: There are typically 80 numbers on a bingo card. Sometimes, there may be less or more, but 80 seems to be the magic number. Players can select anything from 1 to 15 numbers to appear on their card. Again, the maximum cap may change depending on how many numbers are used in the game. Players can also choose to have their numbers randomly selected.
  • Betting: The wagers tend to be fixed in keno. Many games cost a single unit ($1, €1, £1), irrespective of whether you play with one number or fifteen.
  • Gameplay: Once a bet has been made, the game commences. Numbers will be drawn from a pot, and you will be hoping to cross those off on your card. In most cases, the keno game will automatically do this for you. The more numbers you successfully match, the more you are likely to win. Typically, around about 20 numbers will be drawn in a game of keno. However, once again, this can change.

Winning When Playing Keno

Successfully crossed off numbers are known as “hits” in keno. The amount which players can win depends on the number of numbers selected and matched. Tickets with lots of numbers will require players to match more of those to land big prizes. Keno tickets with fewer numbers need players to match fewer numbers to land a win. It will generally work like this:

  • 1-Number Ticket: Playing with just a single number will typically see players treble their winnings if their number comes up.
  • 10-Number Ticket: When playing with 10 numbers, players will win nothing if they match just one number. Instead, they can win prizes worth as little as 0.5x their bet for matching two numbers. Prizes are worth up to 1,800x their bet if all 10 numbers are matched.
  • 15-Number Ticket: With all 15 numbers selected, players need at least three hits to land a win. Those prizes are again, worth around 0.5x a bet. However, if they were to match all 15 hits, players would win an astronomical 10,000x their stake.

Players should note that the figures in the example in the above are examples only. The true cash prizes you can win will differ from game to game, as mentioned. The best (and only) way to find out what you can win is by looking at the paytable. This appears beside the game once your bet has been made.

how to play keno

Tips and Tricks for Playing

There is no such thing as a strategy guide for keno. Keno is very much a game of chance. Despite that, there are a few things you can do to bolster your chances of winning when playing keno online. Always check the best casino bonuses before playing. Here are just a few of tips…

  • Look for Jackpot Keno: Jackpot Keno games will typically pay out a progressive jackpot of all 15 numbers are hit. It is still a long shot, but since these games don’t cost anything extra, you have nothing to lose.
  • Numbers and Cards: Playing with fewer numbers increases your odds of success. However, it decreases the amount you can win. If you only care about winnings and not the amount, this is the strategy for you. The numbers you play with, the higher the odds are stacked against you when playing keno.
  • Don’t Be Silly: The odds of successfully winning with 15 numbers (when 20 are played) is 1 in 428,010,178,098. It is claimed that if you laid out every ticket purchased between two 15-number wins, they’d stretch to the moon. Understandably, that claim has not been verified. The point is, though, 15-number keno wins are exceptionally rare, so don’t wager all your funds on them.
  • Superstition Means Nothing: You are just as likely to draw numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in a row, as you are any other combination. Odds don’t change depending on number combos. Play your favourite numbers, lucky numbers, sequential or random numbers. None of it makes any difference to the odds of success. If you pick your own numbers, you may not want to change them, though. Imagine your frustration if those numbers that you know so well came up in the next game. Random numbers are the best way to go if you want to be guaranteed to avoid this eventuality.

Where to Play Keno Online

Keno is a game which can be found in virtually every major online casino if you know where to look. You are unlikely to find under the “table games” tab for starters. Instead, players are advised to search for the game in “other”, “speciality”, or “instant win” game sections at a site. You may also find the game in dedicated “arcade” or “lottery” sections at some sites.

Almost every major online casino site will offer keno games to their players. In most cases, these will not be numerous. Most casinos seldom carry any more than one or two versions of the game. A few software providers have started making live dealer keno games, too. However, these have not taken off quite like other live casino titles.

Again, players should remember that each keno game may be different than others. The number of balls used in a game, as well as the winnings, may change from title to title.

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